ARTICLE: Why the ‘New Generations’ is not worth watching


After nearly 20 years of gracing our screens and 7 million viewers Generations was unarguably South Africa’s best-loved television Soapie. With all the drama that was happening behind the scenes with the cast and the ever-mundane storyline Mfundi Mvundla was dishing out. A new look and a little revamping was in dire need. But no one ever thought the new generations would become a throwback version of Generations as we knew it in the 90’s. Someone please shake me, as I’m about to fall asleep just writing about this.

Yes the old Generations was becoming a little too monotonous and predictable, all those things a real Soapie should be; but none of us ever imagined it would get this bad. Firing almost the entire cast of people that had grown to be loved over the past two decades by a nation was not only a real shocker for the public, but an irrational decision on the part of the creator and producer of this long running successful Soapie. Mvundla’s refusal to hear out his well-established and experienced staff regarding their wages and instead fill his renewed show with (as the Minister of Sports and Recreation, Fikile Mbalula would say) ‘a bunch of unknowns‘ is comical. Mvundla’s irrationality has turned this Soapie’s 20 years into a really expensive series of Lokshin Bioscope overnight. When watching the so called ‘Legacy’ one literally feels like they are watching a rendition of what Generations used to be like in the 90’s and all that is missing is for Archie Moroka (Sello Maake) to miraculously reappear. Although Mfundi Mvundla has been sure to put us in the loop, that Archie’s resurrection would not be in the cards.  I think he might want to rethink that after he looks through the ratings of since the return of the Soapie.


Sello Maake

The storyline offers some warped version of what could have and should have been in the old Generations. The new title Generations -the legacy is some sad attempt Mvundla made to keep the title of this Soapie relevant. Hey Mvundla! Maybe instead of saving money hiring unknown and inexperienced actors, you should have used that money to come up with an entirely new and original show? Those with alternative pay-tv viewing options will be happy to get their money’s worth by staying far away from SABC at 8 o’clock.

If you are unfamiliar with the new storyline; Karabo and Tau come back from Europe to try and salvage Karabo’s family name-the Moroka’s. They come back with Khaya and Julias children, where they picked them up from no one knows. Mvundla further insults the viewers’ intelligence by stating that Tau was raising these kids. I mean hello! Tau was just on Generations, when he got resurrected and there was no mention of these kids before. And then we have Smanga, Archies son who we last saw as an infant and that no one has seen in the past ten years or so of Generations. I personally would like to know where he’s been and where his mother is. Or maybe you could do one better Mvundla and just bring Zinzi and Zoleka back, seeing as this is Generations- the throwback. The best part is Sbusiso’s replacement named Gadaffi who fills the gangster role really well but leaves me thinking I’m dealing with some low down dirty (literally) thug, wearing cheap suits from Hillbrow instead of a wealthy high player in the ad industry. Who cast these people? Mazwi another one of Archies estranged sons has a mother who looks like she could be his girlfriend. You’re a busy man Mvundla but you can’t tell us you didn’t see this?


Axed Generations Cast members

Whilst we left trying to piece together the puzzle of Generations- the throwback. I can’t help but think of the former cast of Generations  and what they must be thinking as they watch the show they used to star in being turned into some laughable and utterly boring Soapie. To say that this show is not worth watching is a total understatement. In Mvundla defence, maybe he hasn’t seen his production with all the load shedding we’ve had to put up with because of Eskom. When the power does come back in his part of town, we urge him to take a moment to sit down and watch what he’s put out there for the nation to watch, it’s nothing to be proud of.


Hlengiwe Khwela

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