Coming up on Power Couple SA this week – Episode 10


Last week on Power Couple SA, the remaining clique of friends quickly realized that it was “game on”, and as a result, everyone started betting incredibly high amounts on their partners in their respective challenges. By the end of both the guys and the girls challenges, there was only a R25 000.00 difference separating the couple at the top from the couple at the bottom of the money ladder. Coincidentally, this is the exact amount of money that one couple stands to win in the couples’ challenge this week. Currently, Ivan and Roshila find themselves at the bottom of the money ladder, with Dean and Crystal second from the bottom with only R3000.00 more in their electronic wallet.

With everything riding on the couples challenge this week, the atmosphere is tense to start off with, as Ivan in particular is feeling the heat. Never one to hide his feelings, the rest of the couples soon pick up on the fact that he has his back up. The challenge this week will not only test the couples’ communication skills, but also their patience and faith in each other – and it will have a disastrous result for at least one of the couples. This inevitably promises to lead to a lot of friction and hostility back at the house, as one couple’s behavior sends everyone else into a very uncomfortable space.

With it becoming harder to have to vote off their friends, this week’s elimination promises to be an emotional one. Whose friendships are stronger than others, and what are the criteria that those in the safe seats will apply to determine who they save, and who they decide to boot? Watch Power Couple SA on M-Net Channel 101 on Thursday night at 19:30 for all of the awkward moments and some major tears!

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