Days of Our Lives – December Highlights


Episode 120 (11967) / 02.12.2015

Rafe and Sami try to track down Gabi; Nicole surprises Jennifer; Maggie thinks Jennifer is putting too much pressure on Daniel; Eric tells Hope he believes Nicole can change.

Episode 121 (11968) / 03.12.2015

Kate tracks down Stefano; Marlena breaks into Kristen’s hotel room and comes across something interesting; Chad storms over to Gabi’s, interrupting a tense moment between her and Nick.

Episode 122 (11969) / 04.12.2015

Rafe shows up at Sami’s office with flowers; EJ encourages Chad to get back at Gabi; Brady breaks up a dispute between Kristen and Marlena; Rafe is not happy to learn that EJ is Sami’s new boss; Eric and John discuss the impact of Kristen’s return.

Episode 123 (11970) / 07.12.2015

Brady eavesdrops on Kristen’s confession to Father Tobias; Eric offers Nicole a job as the church secretary; Eric fears that Caroline is not as well as she claims; Maggie tries to dissuade Daniel from participating in the clinical trial.

Episode 124 (11971) / 08.12.2015

Kristen confesses she has feelings about someone; Caroline apologizes to Daniel; Chad warns Sonny of Will’s close relationship with Gabi; Daniel receives some shocking news.

Episode 125 (11972) / 09.12.2015

Daniel learns about the results of his treatments; Brady admits to Kristen that he overheard her confession; Nick and Gabi make plans for the baby; Eric gives Nicole some tough love.

Episode 126 (11973) / 10.12.2015

Sami and EJ visit Eric at the rectory; Gabi tries to convince Will that Nick’s plan is a good idea; Rafe walks in on a close moment between Sami and EJ; Marlena walks in on Kristen and is shocked by what she sees.

Episode 127 (11974) / 11.12.2015

Brady and Kristen talk about their relationship; Rafe meets Eric for the first time; Kristen informs EJ that someone is in for a big shock; Nick and Gabi tell Sonny about her pregnancy.

Episode 128 (11975) / 14.12.2015

John walks in on a conversation between Kristen and Marlena; EJ and Eric bump into one another and discuss Nicole and Sami; Daniel heads to the cabin on Smith Island; Abigail realizes that Cameron has moved on.

Episode 129 (11976) / 15.12.2015

Kristen hints to Brady that he should come clean with his father about their relationship; Nicole tries to get Jennifer to leave Smith Island; Sami apologizes to Eric for their fight; Daniel argues with Jennifer, and is stunned when she collapses.

Episode 130 (11977) / 16.12.2015

Jennifer makes a confession to Daniel; Hope voices some reservations about Nick and Gabi’s rushed wedding; Chad tells Sonny about Gabi’s involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping; Sami gets Rafe to help her plan Gabi’s wedding.

Episode 131 (11978) / 17.12.2015

Jennifer’s rushed to the hospital; Nicole breaks down in Eric’s arms; Will is encouraged to participate in the wedding; Gabi grows suspicious of Sonny’s hostility toward her.

Episode 132 (11979) / 18.12.2015

Brady prepares a special gift for Kristen; Kristen advises Chad to tread with caution when dealing with Gabi; John sees something addressed to Kristen on Brady’s desk; Marlena considers confiding in Eric; Chad asks out Abigail.

Episode 133 (11980) / 21.12.2015

Daniel gets news about his treatment; Will tells Gabi he feels uneasy about his uncle performing her wedding ceremony; Brady hides when John shows up at Kristen’s place; EJ learns that Sami is planning Gabi’s wedding.

Episode 134 (11981) / 22.12.2015

Sonny asks Will to stay away from Gabi; Kate gives Daniel an update on Parker; Rafe thanks Will for being such a good friend to Gabi; Jennifer privately says good-bye to her life with Jack.

Episode 135 (11982) / 23.12.2015

Rafe apologizes to Gabi; Kristen worries about John and Marlena discovering the truth; EJ shows Sami another side of himself with Sydney and Johnny; Jennifer tells Daniel how she really feels about him.

Episode 136 (11983) / 24.12.2015

Lucas expresses his opinion about Jennifer and Daniel; Sami’s presence interrupts Kristen’s confession to EJ; John innocently questions Brady about his relationship with Kristen; Daniel and Jennifer share a special moment.

Episode 137 (11984) / 25.12.2015

Brady and Kristen are stunned when Jennifer walks in on a shared moment between them; Lucas offers his son relationship advice; Sonny thinks he knows the truth about Will and Gabi; Nick and Gabi meet with Eric.

Episode 138 (11985) / 28.12.2015

Eric has flashbacks of something that happened in Africa; Gabi assures Marlena that she’s not ashamed of Nick; Will and Sonny try to mend their relationship; Nicole confides in Chad that she misses Sydney at Christmas time.

Episode 139 (11986) / 29.12.2015

Nicole convinces Eric to share what he was dreaming about; Sami tells Caroline about how she’s feeling pulled in two different directions by her feelings for two men; EJ and Chad visit Lexie’s grave site; Kayla tells Abe not to make any Christmas plans.

Episode 140 (11987) / 30.12.2015

Sonny brings Will to the mansion to celebrate Christmas Eve with his family; Kristen gives Brady a special gift; Julie expresses concern about Nick’s rushed wedding; Marlena and Roman celebrate Eric’s first Midnight Mass.

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