Gareth Cliff show cancelled on Comedy Central


Gareth Cliff’s Gareth Cliff Show will be dropped from Comedy Central just a month and a half after it launched, TV journalist Thinus Ferreira reported on his blog on Wednesday, 25 June 2014.

This is because the simulcast of Cliff’s web radio show, CliffCentral, on Comedy Central (DStv channel 122) failed to attract enough viewers, Ferreira reported.

Comedy Central’s dumping of the Gareth Cliff Show comes shortly after it was moved to an earlier timeslot (from 07:35 to 06:00), which the channel said at the time was due to requests from viewers.

The move did not lift the show’s ratings enough, however, which Ferraira said led to Comedy Central dropping it.

According to the report, Comedy Central confirmed the cancellation of the Gareth Cliff Show and was quoted as saying it was a mutual decision, and that it would work with Cliff on future projects.

The last broadcast of Cliff’s show on Comedy Central is set for Monday, 30 June 2014.

MyBroadband previously asked CliffCentral for the listener figures for the show, but the company said that they don’t want to give figures out so early.

“There are several platforms including WeChat,, and Comedy Central on TV and website. We’ll work towards looking at consolidated stats once we’re more established,” said Rina Broomberg, co-founder of

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