INTERVIEW: ‘Real Jozi A-Lister’ – Maps Maponyane Interview

The Vent sat down with Masego “Maps” Maponyane to discuss the latest hit mocu-mentary reality series ‘Real Jozi A-Lister’. He discusses his involvement in the show, how it came about, what sets it apart from other shows and divulges on his co-stars Trevor Gumbi, Toll A$$ Mo and Da L.E.S.


The Real Jozi A-Listers debuted October 31st at 19:00 on VUZU Amp. The show follows the daily lives of comedian Tol A$$ Mo; comedian and actor, Trevor Gumbi; model and actor Masego “Maps” Maponyane and musician Da L.E.S.

This comedy slash reality television slash parody show gathers together four of Mzansi’s genuine “A-Listers” for a rollicking small screen ride that has all the makings of an A-List hit. VUZU Amp viewers will get an up-close and (sometimes unprecedentedly personal) view when the cameras follow comical, fictionalised versions of each of these “A-Listers” as they go about their, often surreal, lives in Joburg, South Africa.

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