Interview: The Vent sits down with Endemol`s Managing Director and Isidingo`s Head Writer.

In an interview filled with laughter, The Vent sat down with Sivan Pillay, the Managing Director of Endemol and Rohan Dickson, the Head Writer for the local soap drama Isidingo. The pair were in deep discussion about the creative dynamic process involved in crafting the television show. Rohan Dickson says even though the show tries its best to give a realistic point of view it is imperative to have a fantasy element to help with the audiences escapism into the show.

Watch Part 1 of the interview below:

The show is one of South Africa`s longest running soapie with an astounding 16 years under its belt. However one of the backlashes the show has experienced in recent years is that it has been declining  in attention at industry awards such as the South African Film and Television Awards. On this, Sivan described the teams strategy in re-analysing and self criticising themselves as a production team to push the envelope and once again have the validated recognition from the media and public through industry awards.

Watch Part 2 here:

The pair continued to speak about the revamp that has been happening since late last year, with the appointment of Rohan, as the head writer for the show, with new character introductions. Rohan gives a hint as to what fans can expect from the Soapie in upcoming weeks.

Watch Part 3 here:

Catch Isidingo on SABC3, weekdays at 19:00pm

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