Knorr, along with the new ‘celebrity chef’ on the block, J’Something, is teaming up with some of SA’s supermoms and celebrities to look at some of the common situations that women are faced with in the kitchen on a day to day basis.

Balancing busy lives including work, children and other responsibilities means solving that age-old question on a daily basis- what’s for dinner?

Knorr and J’Something are here to answer this question with a weekly show, Knorr whatsfordinner? with J’Something launching on Saturday, July 11th at 7pm on SABC3.

Knorr is continually striving to make simple home-cooking an integral part of every South African family. Now, Knorr, J’Something and a range of top South African celebrities will bring these simple and delicious recipes to busy Moms (and Dads!) across South Africa with a weekly TV show – Knorr whatsfordinner? with J’Something.

The show will play host to a number of SA celebs including Sophie Ndaba who will join J’Something to kick off the series, and Leanne Dlamini to name a few.

Whatsfordinner? is South Africa’s biggest brand on Facebook – with a whopping 9,595,000 likes, over 700,000 from South Africa alone, and with over 1.5million views on the  – visiting these sites has become a daily routine for thousands of people across the country.

With simple, nutritious and inspiring recipes, what’s for dinner is no longer a difficult question to answer. Knorr, The smart way to great taste every day!

If you’re always wondering what to make for dinner, then tune into SABC3 for Knorr whatsfordinner? with J’Something every Saturday at 7pm and let J’Something answer your question.

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