Lifetime to launch on DStv with hit series Orphan Black


DStv gives-it-up for Girl Power this month with the launch of a new channel. The Lifetime channel will be  launching on channel 131 on Tuesday, 22 July at 19h00, on the Premium bouquet

The channel’s soul purpose is to appeal to *think Spanishy accent please* chikitas. It focuses on shows that are either for women or the lead characters are women.

The big coup that they have is Orphan Black, a Canadian sci-fi series which was a big and unexpected hit when Season 1 arrived on the scene in Canada and the US last year. It stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning – a regular girl (who’s a con artist) who discovers that there are other women who are identical to her. She’s a clone.

Tatiana plays all of Sarah’s clones and the role has garnered her much fanfare and acclaim. When the series first debuted just over a year ago she was a newcomer and already she’s won numerous awards. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress this year and she’s won two Critics’ Choice Awards between last year and now.

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