New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series To Launch In 2017, ‘Star Trek 4′ Slated For 2019


While one franchise is going to take you to a place a long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away, another is getting ready to boldly go where no man has gone before. Next summer, “Star Trek Beyond” will bring the revived franchise back to the big screen, but the Gene Rodenberry created series is also going back to the venue where it all began. THR reports that CBS has given a straight-to-series order for a new “Star Trek” series, but it has a bit of curious twist. The debut episode will launch on the network in January 2017, but the permanent home of the series will be on their on their digital outlet, CBS All Access[, which will set you back $5.99/month. It has been a decade since since the last “Star Trek” series, “Enterprise,” wrapped up, and this new show will feature all new characters and civilizations

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