Prometheus 2 Gets A Name Change, Again


Warning: Spoilers for Prometheus are in play. It’s been a little over three years since Ridley Scott returned to the world of Alien with his pseudo-prequelPrometheus, and its creator is ready to jump back in! What he’s not ready to do though is settle on a title, as Scott has changed the name to the film’s sequel yet again. Get ready for Alien: Covenant, folks! IndieWire attended a conversation at the AFI Film Festival, in which the director mentioned how he eventually got involved with directing The Martian after Drew Goddard dropped out. During the anecdote, Scott dropped the new title, almost as if to see what sort of crowd reaction he could muster. Scott’s full remarks are included below: I was going to be doing what will be called .Alien: Covenant,. which starts shooting next February, and we were struggling then with the screenplay there and then…

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