RELEASE DATE: 8 August 2014
RUNNING TIME: 115 Minutes
GENRE: Comedy, Drama
STARRING: Amy Sedaris,Bobby Cannavale,Dustin Hoffman,Emjay Anthony,Jon Favreau,Oliver Platt,Robert Downey Jr,Scarlett Johansson,Sofia Vergara
DIRECTOR: Jon Favreaux
WRITER: Jon Favreaux
PRODUCERS: Karen Gilchrist,Sergei Bespalov



Honestly, all I could think about was how I should be stuffing my face to sickness before the movie screening. Movie critic, Chris Tily, gave a strict instruction for viewers not to watch this one on an empty stomach and having watched the trailer, I very much so agree with him.


Chef, which was also chosen to be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, tells a hilarious, fun story about a chef who loses his job and decides to venture in the solitude and start his own business in an effort to reclaim his creative promise. In this journey, he also begins to piece back together his estranged family.

The director and writer of Chef, Jon Favreau is part Italian and that should inform you that making a film about food was inevitable for him, it was just a matter of when.  Well, whose bright idea was it that he should make it in 2014, where diets are the in thing and food is seen as the devil? Really now?  I mean it’s a film that is worth-watching but it’s one that makes you feel hungry and most likely after it, you’re bound to cheat on your diet.  I can imagine a rather overweight Jaime Fox somberly singing, Blame it On the “Chef” after having viewed this one.

What was Favreau thinking, when he made a film which is a temptation? I foresee it being placed on a dietician’s list as a DON’T when dieting.  On a serious note, Chef is absolutely hilarious, entertaining with a jovial beat to it and it does get you thinking up a storm of things to eat whilst the movie is rolling. The best thing you can do, in this case, is to try, by all means, not to act on those thoughts.


Jon Favreau (Iron man, Iron man 3) cooks up a great cast for this movie and the entire bunch does not disappoint. Sadly, Favreau opts to pull the Tyler Perry stunt and acts in his own film. I would have probably commenced my tedious rants about how I am against directors doing such but Favreau’s performance shut me up. He plays the leading man, Carl Casper, the chef who decides to venture into self-employment after getting himself fired. He gets himself terminated after he disses Ramsey Michel, an online food critic, on a social network.

Guys, this is a lesson to all you social network junkies to never try that at home and keep all thoughts in a diary. Anyway, Favreau is effortless and hilarious as always.  It was good to see Robert Downey Jr and Jon Favreau on screen again in something other than Iron Man. Downey plays Inez’s (Sofia Vergara) ex-husband who offers Carl Casper (Favreau) a food truck to run his food business on. How generous of Downey! There is not much to Downey’s role but he manages to do well with the little given to him. Now let’s talk about Sofia Vergara (New Year’s Eve; Fading Gigolo) and how she constantly plays the beautiful Colombian something in all the movies she stars in. Hopefully, in the near future, she will take on something other than herself in films; it’s about time.  Scarlett Johansson (the avengers, Iron man 2) plays Molly, a waitress, who has a rather awkward scene with food in the movie.

You know, Scarlett Johansson has starred in a couple of films in which she is supposed to come across as unattractive but that look is never quite accomplished. How unfair is life? They should find me in the morning and replace me for Johansson and then viewers will see what unattractive truly means. John Leguizamo (the happening; Ride along) and Bobby Cannavale (snakes on a plane; shall we dance) who play Carl Casper’s fellow work mates, Martin and Tony, immensely contribute to the humor of this movie. The wise guy and the injudicious “douche” combination seems to excel in comedies and these two manage to master these roles to excellency.

Chef is definitely, a must see comedy, this August, you will regret it if you don’t make your way to your nearest cinema this Friday. If you are on a strict diet plan, watch this one at your own risk.


I will definitely recommend this film to all the comedy lovers and foodies of the world. You’re bound to leave cinema in a jovial state of mind, ready to go eat up a storm. It’s well-written, unperturbed and extremely funny. It’s one to see after a long and stressful day at work.


A cool, funny movie but I should definitely make a stop at Mac Donald’s after watching it,  kind of movie.




Joy Maluleka @Maluleka Joy

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