The Hundred Foot Journey


RELEASE DATE: 22 August  2014
GENRE: Comedy, Drama
STARRING: Helen Mirren,Juhi Chawla,Manish Dayal,Om Puri,Rohan Chand, Amit Shah,Charlotte Le Bon
RUNNING TIME: 118 Minutes
DIRECTOR: Lasse Hallstrom
WRITERS: Steven Knight
PRODUCER: Juliet Blake,Oprah Winfrey,Steven Spielberg


The film explores the magnitude of culinary dynamics through French and South Asian heritage.


An Indian family is forced into exile through an unnamed revolution that leaves them displaced; the family finds sanctuary in Europe with London as their first country of choice. However due to uncomfortable circumstances in this new land, the head of the family resorts to moving to France. To pursue their love of the hospitality industry, this was also displaced in their former home of India

The film storyline has moving elements of destiny, faith and love which are all explored through food and dining. The film just hits you with non-sensationalized emotional scenes that are achieved through the pan shots of the physical location on France.

The film is the third (and counting) food related blockbuster to come out this year…so what makes it original than the others? Nothing much but the culinary heat is turned up this time within a cook off battle between Indian and French Food.

The structure of the film is substantially linear, thus making it highly engage-able. The exciting food dynamics that are prevalent throughout the film secure non dull moments therefore falling asleep or going out for popcorn refill is nearly impossible.


The film was produced by a man who is no stranger to family resonating films, Steven Spielberg, a collaborative effort he shares with the queen of media and entertainment Oprah Winfrey…

Helen Mirren (The Queen, Red)  brings out the life of lead female antagonist, Madame Mallory,  her performance is great with intention and projection of her character are right on the nose. As the audience you will easily escape into the world of her character.

Indian-English actor, Om Puri makes a great performance as the male lead in the film. His performance as a father are strong that you wish his character had raised you. As a restaurateur he is crazy and festive that you would dine in his fictional establishment anytime.

The character development in the film is entirely wonderful. Giving the audience a reason to sit back and watch the narrative as it unravels. This is an aspect of the film that we can commend Lasse Hallstrom (Dear John, Salmon Fishing In the Yemen) the director of the film. The feature was beautifully led by screenplay and actors really well.

Also it would not be a good film if did not have good music. The score and accompanying soundtrack were geared forward by Academy award winner AR Rahman, who took a modern take into  intertwining  Indian ethnic music with French classical with a hint of mainstream. A recipe that correlates with the films cultural dynamics.


The film is definitely a must watch for all the dream chasers who thought puddles and hurdles were a stop sign. The film will insight that little bit of hope that is inside you to reach your destiny.


Have a scrumptious meal before the viewing cause the food in the film will get your stomach grumbling.




Vusumzi Ntshanga @Vusumzi92


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