SABC 3 brings viewers new exciting adventure series ‘Ocean Adventurer’


SABC3 will take you on astonishing adventures in exceptionally exciting and dangerous conditions in Ocean Adventurer starting on the 18th October at 19:30.

At the southern tip of Africa where the icy, arctic waters of the Atlantic Ocean crash into the warm currents of the Indian Ocean, this piece of treacherous coast is known as The Cape of Storms. It is hit with hurricane winds in summer, massive storm surf in winter and is teeming with magnificent wildlife. As one of the most feared oceans in the world, the legendary Southern Ocean is THE place for a gung-ho captain and his wacky crew to take marine enthusiasts on the mission of a lifetime.

Skipper David de Villiers, with 140 000 blue water miles under his belt, has travelled to some of the most remote places on earth and has effectively circumnavigated the globe 6 times. David has the experience, knowledge and skill to lead his team of ocean adventurers and their ocean-loving guests into extraordinary adventures in extremely challenging and life-threatening conditions.

Led by the dreams and wishes of their ocean-loving guests (known as “Argonauts”), the team of adventurers set out each episode to complete a daunting oceanic task. From oceanographers to conservationists to underwater photographers, each guest has a passion and an expertise in a particular marine-related field. What they need is David’s crew and vessels to help them to realise a personal oceanic ambition.

In each episode David tells us more about the equipment, navigation and boats required. Our weather guru explains the ideal weather conditions required to complete the mission. We learn more about the region and its marine wildlife. Have any records been broken there? Is it renowned or feared for any particular reason? Perhaps it’s on the path of the endangered Southern Right Whale, or in the midst of the Great White Shark’s breeding ground.

With every factor taken into account, it’s time to commence the mission. Are they scared, excited, or a bit of both? Will they succeed or fail? How many bait balls will they be able to track down for their dive, and how many luring sea creatures will they have to contend with at the same time? Will they have to abandon the task due to a fast-moving storm? Will the giant Sunfish show up for their “appointment”, or will she keep to her own schedule instead? Will the adrenaline-inducing, heart-stopping, dream of a lifetime come true? Only time will tell.

Because that’s what adventure is all about – expecting the unexpected and embracing what comes with every wave.

Find all these escapades and adrenalin rushes on Sundays at 7.30pm on SABC3.

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