SABC3 Premieres Its First Web Sitcom – Systraat!


At last! South Africa has its own animated TV family!  And for the very first time the SABC will premiere a TV show on the web. SYSTRAAT! the new sitcom will be shown exclusively on SABC3′s YouTube channel and the series is set to go live from 24th November 2015 at 21:00.

Springfield has the Simpsons, Colorado has the South Park boys, and now, South Africa has the Kotzes! Welcome to SYSTRAAT!

SYSTRAAT! produced by Stemmburg Television and the brain child of Carl Stemmet is a humorous adult animated Afrikaans television series which depicts the exploits of the Kotze family, who live in a humble suburban home. The sitcom has all the elements of love, laughter and of cause it’s proudly South African.

SYSTRAAT! will deal with relevant and universal topics including father/mother-son relationships, teenage love, High school struggles and conditions at the work place, friendships and family squabbles in a unique and local setting. The storylines throughout the series will deal with engaging and hilarious events which take the Kotze family from the bushveld to Margate and even Cape Town.

The ensembles of characters form a distinctive animated community which represents all South Africans. The characters and their reactions and attitudes towards the situations they find themselves in are identifiable across all cultures.

The series is a fresh new look at the lives of a group of South Africans and how they deal with their day-to-day lives. It is a humorous look, a witty look, a ridiculous look, and best of all, an animated look! A first for South African TV!

Make sure you join the Kotzes, South Africa’s very own animated family, as they face the humorous challenges of their day to day lives in Systraat! only on SABC3’s YouTube ( ) from November 24 at 21:00.






Meet the Main Characters


Gys is the father character in the Kotze family. He is a 40-something-year old man. He is married to Esti and has two sons, Werner and Heinrich. He lives with his family in a humble suburban house in the fictional animated town featured in Systraat. Gys is very enthusiastic by nature. His attention span is short, and he can never dedicate himself to seeing any particular task through to the end. This causes him to move from job to job, as he can’t bring himself to remain in one place for too long.


Esti is the mother character in the Kotze family. She is a dedicated woman in her late thirties. Esti is the only screw holding her entire family together. By day she works as a hairdresser at her own hair salon called The Kotze Kut, and by night she attends to her family’s needs. Esti has a lot of patience and is able to handle all the craziness in her family. Esti is an excellent mother and is very caring towards her two sons, however she can also be strict if needs be.


Heinrich is Gys and Esti’s youngest son. He is 16 years old and a grade 10 pupil in High School. His family calls him Hein for short. Hein is the outcast of all outcasts. A very intelligent boy with absolutely no social skills whatsoever, Hein enjoys spending most of his time alone in his room in front of his computer. He is an achiever in all things academic but is a total wreck when it comes to sports or social events. Hein is the go-to-guy when it comes to solving any problem, technical or otherwise. He is able to think logically and is seen as the little scientist in the family.


Werner is Gys and Esti’s eldest son. He is an 18-year-old first year student at university. Werner lives for sports, Rugby in particular, and has nothing else going for him. He is definitely not as smart as Heinrich. Werner has a tendency to stretch the truth at times in order to get more attention. This naturally places him in situations which end up damaging his reputation instead of enhancing it. Werner has a high opinion of himself and believes he is the best sportsman in South Africa. Werner will do anything to gain popularity and often gives in to peer pressure.


Themba is Heinrich’s best and only friend. He is a 16-year-old High School pupil. Themba is extremely cynical. He usually views a situation objectively and is able to give Heinrich advice. He always emphasises the reality of a situation and is always quite dry in his approach. Themba’s role in the series is to be sarcastic and to highlight the negative aspect of a situation. This creates humour when Hein is excited about an unrealistic prospect, only to have his hopes trampled by Themba’s dry cynicism.

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