South Africa: Film Goes Green – Cape Town’s Newest Documentary Festival


Don’t tell Ivo Vegter, but there’s a new Eco Film Festival in town and it kicked off this week. You can still catch the lion’s share of the films this weekend and on Monday, and every ticket comes with the chance to plant a tree – so there’s no reason Cape Town’s greenies can’t still get their film on.

Daily Maverick first encountered Dougie Dudgeon before the Recovery Film Festival, which was also a film first for Cape Town, kicked off by Dudgeon in line with his passion for addiction and recovery. (Dudgeon is a long-term addictions counsellor with a deep interest in what it means to be ‘in recovery’.)

This time, inspired by the success of his first film festival, he’s branching out: taking the green route and partnering with co-founder Andreas Wilson-Späth to bring Cape Town it’s first environmental film festival, the Eco Film Festival.

The pair have brought on board a number of green partners including Greenpop, whose intriguing TEDx talk this writer attended recently at UCT. Greenpop, for those who don’t know, is essentially a tree-planting extravaganza that started from zero but has grown into an immensely successful social enterprise that…

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