Zabalaza – December 2015 Highlights


Episode 538, Tuesday, 01 December

School of Life

Terri persuades Mapule to surrender the Slick Vic name, will she agree? Sponono starts school and finds a supportive partner in Mthunzi.

Episode 539, Wednesday, 02 December


Sydney want to deal with Mapule and has a plan up his sleeve. Ray gets another beating, pushing him to share some hard truths with a fragile Lindiwe.

Episode 540, Thursday, 03 December

Daddy Blues

Ray has a panic attack and is comforted by an unlikely ally. Things seem to be going from bad to worse in the Mapule camp.

Episode 541, Monday, 07 December

Psychotic Games

Mthunzi is rejected by Sponono, and Sydney’s attempts at blackmail are snubbed when Mapule remains defiant.

Episode 542, Tuesday, 08 December

Lies and Deceptions

Moss is trying to find a way to buy Ray out. Sponono is sad after losing her bag and about Mthunzi making contact with a past love.

Episode 543, Wednesday, 09 December

News Changes Nothing

Ray gate-crashes Lindiwe’s doctor’s appointment. Sydney takes Richard to meet Dorcas and Mapule has a psychotic episode.

Episode 544, Thursday, 10 December

Fury Becomes Fire

Sponono is still determined to deal with the thugs who took her bag.  Mthunzi calls Beauty. Q blows another chance with Lexie. KG is caught in the middle of Mapule’s wrath.

Episode 545, Monday, 14 December

True Colours

Jazzman starts running the Mo Events show from a distance. Mthunzi prepares to meet Beauty. Sponono is still determined to catch the thugs.

Episode 546, Tuesday, 15 December

Keeping It Sane

Gasta and Qiniso are becoming increasingly worried about Sponono’s frame of mind.  Mthunzi sets up a meeting with Beauty, but receives shocking news instead.

Episode 547, Wednesday, 16 December

The Past Screws You

Tensions continue to rise at Mo Events and Ray is suspicious that Herbert and Moss are up to something. Sponono seems to have made new friends.

Episode 548, Thursday, 17 December

Painful Acceptance

Ray shows Moss and Herbet that he’s onto them. Victor’s future plans with his girlfriend lead him to Ray. Sponono starts hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Episode 549, Monday, 21 December

Reality Bites

Sponono starts to struggle at school. Ray makes the offer to buy out Moss and Lindiwe while Mthunzi worries about his retirement plans.

Episode 550, Tuesday, 22 December

Smooth Deals

Ray makes Lindiwe and Moss a very generous offer. Will they succumb to temptation? Waka has big plans for Herbert. Meanwhile, Sponono is slowly losing her grip on reality.

Episode 551, Wednesday, 23 December

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Ray continues with his plans to get Lindi back. Sponono prepares for her speech while everyone worries about her state of mind. Ray wants Herbert out of town.

Episode 552, Thursday, 24 December

Smooth Deals

A son is left devastated after his mother’s delirious speech. Lindiwe decides to call Ray to talk things over. There’s a big business merge on the cards…

Episode 553, Monday, 28 December

Keeping It Cool

Qiniso’s attempt to get the thugs out of his mother’s life turns violent. Meanwhile, Victor gets increasingly suspicious of the private meetings between Ray and Sydney. Sponono loses it.

Episode 554, Tuesday, 29 December

New Moves

Victor suspects that all is not above board with Sydney and Ray. Mthunzi is getting deeper into criminal dealings. Herbert is still MIA.

Episode 555, Wednesday, 30 December

Friendly Faces, Disturbing Intentions

Ray and Sydney look at other means to carry out their business deals. Gasta tries to reach out to Sponono. Meanwhile, Lindiwe and Ray are trying to find a way back to each other.

Episode 556, Thursday, 31 December

Fought Club

KG is jealous when she sees Moss with his new girl and Sydney is jealous that KG is jealous. Sponono is still hanging out with the thugs and humiliates Mthunzi when he tries to intervene.

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