Z’BONDIWE brings back the dark side of love to e.tv prime time


From May 12, e.tv viewers will be treated to a feast of back to back local drama.  The much anticipated action drama, Z’BONDIWE, will air at 9.30PM, straight after Matatiele, which airs at 9PM.

Z’BONDIWE is a gritty love story which covers the seedy underworld of gangsterism. It offers a glimpse into both the psychological aspects of gangster life and the emotional dynamics of two lovers who have to beat the odds to stay together.

The series is set in Soweto, Gauteng. Two notorious gangs-The Vutha Boys and The Mambas rule the township. The two gangs are fierce rivals and their animosity towards each other has resulted in many blood baths.

Ntando (played by Anga Makubalo) and Roxanne (Zola Nombona), a happily engaged couple from Cape Town have just moved from Cape Town and are trying to settle in Johannesburg’s Northern Suburbs.  Roxanne gets kidnapped by a notorious psychopath gangster, Killer (played by Mbulelo Grootboom).  Ntando goes on a mission to rescue his future bride and is forced to immerse himself in the underground gang world.

Ordinary South Africans are both fascinated and frightened by gangsters and  Z’BONDIWE will bring a myriad of issues about gangster life to the fore.  This captivating drama series is grounded in truth, extensive research was done to investigate details about the lives of gangsters. The drama, which is a first local action series for e.tv is produced by well-known creative producer/director,  Roberta Durrant’s Paw Paw films.

“We are thrilled to bring our audience this fresh action drama. e.tv continues to deliver ground-breaking, distinctive local content which promises great entertainment for viewers.  We have added extra spice to Tuesday nights by bringing you a local drama feast. Both Matatiele and Z’BONDIWE are ground-breaking shows which were produced by some of South Africa’s best production companies. The shows provide intriguing insight into different segments of South African communities and also highlights issues which resonate across Mzansi .” said Monde Twala, Managing director for e.tv Channels Division.

An exciting cast consisting of the very best of South African acting talent bring this story to life.  The series features immensely talented actors such as Israel Makoe (who plays Jakes), Anga Makubalo (who plays Ntando), Siyabonga Shibe (who plays detective Shabangu) and Mbulelo Grootboom (who plays Killer).  Viewers will also enjoy seeing talented young up and coming actors such as the lead actress, Zola Nombona (who plays Roxanne) and Mpho Sebeng (who plays Lebo-Axe’s right hand man).

About the lead Cast

Mbulelo Grootboom plays Killer Nxasana
NTLONIPHO ‘KILLER’ NXASANA, 33, violent, merciless, Jekyll and Hyde character. Killer Nxasana is finally ruling Soweto and his ambitious plans will enrich him and make him an evil force to contend with, however, the one thing he wants, he cannot have – Roxanne. When he hears that she is back in town he decides to take what is his.

Mbulelo Grootboom – born and bred in Cape Town. Mbulelo is a South African actor who appeared in so many dramas on other public broadcaster. Mbulelo won several awards through his acting with National Arts Festival. He is a remarkable South African talent who’s travelled all corners of the world touring at International theatre festivals.

Bongani Maseko plays Axe Ngcobo
MBAZO ‘AXE’ NGCOBO, 27, Axe Ngcobo is the impulsive leader of The Mambas gang. The Mambas used to be stronger and more powerful than the Vutha Boys but since Killer Nxasana became their leader, the Mambas started losing business fast. Their biggest blow came when Killer started his garbage collection business giving them greater access to untouched areas and tripling their profits. Since then Axe has been plotting his revenge against Killer. Axe wants The Mambas to rule Soweto again and eliminate his competition – Killer Nxasana.

Bongani Maseko born in Soweto and grew up amongst crime, drugs and gangsterism. At the age of 17 he was arrested and imprisoned for six years. During his time in jail, he was motivated by the late Bongani Linda, who visited the prison and encouraged the prisoners to change their life. Not only did he learn the way of Christianity but also became very interested in drama and the arts. Once out of jail he was determined to change his life and start performing. He went to the VSTC (Victory Sonqoba Theatre Company) and made Bongani keep to his word of involving him in theatre. He performed all over South Africa in theatres.

Anga Makubalo plays Ntando Mabatha
NTANDO MABATHA 25, articulate, well educated, farm boy. He is hard working and very intelligent. When we meet Ntando his life seems charmed. He intends to marry the love of his life, Roxanne and he is embarking on his career as a lawyer. Their lives seem golden until Roxanne is kidnapped and Ntando finds himself having to fight to rescue Roxanne in the dangerous township of Soweto.

Anga Makubalo: multi-talented NaakMusiqQ was born in New Brighton. Port Elizabeth. He then relocated with him mom to Johannesburg and attended his high school at Edenvale School. His career took off when started attending acting presenting classes at Talent International and later became a part time teacher at the same school, mentoring and coaching young talent

Zola Nombona plays Rozanne Nozulu
MAFUNGWASHE ‘ROXANNE’ NOZULU, 23, is an intelligent, beautiful woman who made a mistake as a teenager that has come back to haunt her. She has been in hiding for the last five years and has even resorted to renaming herself ‘Roxanne’. She has to deal with her past in order to move on with her life with Ntando.

Zola Nombona
Born in the Eastern-Cape, Zola Nombona is a South African actor who started acting in junior school. After high school she went on to study drama and acting at Victoria girls High School before pursuing the trade at Wits University where she completed and graduated with an honours degree in Dramatic Arts.

Eve Rasemeni plays Dikeledi
DIKELEDI ‘DIKKI’ BAKOPA, 18, Dikki is a hard, unflinching woman who has had to fight her way through life to survive it. She falls in love with Axe Ngcobo and is fiercely devoted to him. Dikki is a lioness, a true hunter, unafraid and brutal. She shares Axe’s philosophy of violence and enforces it easily when needed.

Eve Rasimeni is a multilingual actress with a passionate for performing. She has appeared in numerous theatre productions, including ‘Behind the Wall’, and ‘Closed Doors’ at the Market Theatre, Baxter Theatre and State Theatre in Pretoria. She is also an accomplished writer and theatre director in the Community Theatre world.

Mpho Sebeng plays Lebo
LEBO NGCOBO, 17, a troubled, dark young man whose horrific actions leads to his death.Lebo is the younger brother of Axe and Jackson’s youngest son. Axe has been parenting Lebo since his father left for KZN. Axe is not the best role model and has never had firm hand on Lebo who is getting into trouble with the law when we meet him (something Ntando uses to get into Axe’s good books. He helps get Lebo out of a juvenile center and into a rehabilitation programme).

Mpho Sebeng is now studying at the University of the Witwatersrand, and is doing a triple major in BA Law, Politics and Philosophy.

Israel Makoe plays Jakes
JAKES MASILO (30) is Killer’s right hand man. He is cold, ruthless and dangerous. Killer relies on him heavily and Jakes is the ultimate professional, always following his boss’ orders. Jakes is in charge of the ‘dealers’, who are the guys who sell drugs via their legitimate garbage collection service. He recruits and organises them, making sure they don’t get hooked on the drugs and that they bring in the entire sum of monies owed. If they dare cross him, they pay with their limbs or their lives. He is also in charge of the group of three thugs that terrorise the shop keepers so that Killer can then extract protection money to protect the shopkeepers from these thugs.

Don’t miss out on this exciting Tuesday back to back drama feast.  Z’BONDIWE, will follow Matatiela on Tuesday, 12 May 2015 at 9.30PM on e.tv.

Viewers can also watch Z’BONDIWE in HD on the e.tv HD channel (channel 104) on OpenView HD. OpenView HD is available at leading retail stores.

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