About The Vent


If you are reading this, then you obviously don’t know who we are, well you’re in for a treat. *Cue trailer voice*…we are the Michael Jackson of movie reviews, the Oprah of movie interviews, the Larry King of Movie and TV news..we are pretty much the Mandela of South African Film… except we have cooler shirts.

thevent.tv is your first entertaining online source to the most current local and international movie and television news, trailers, interviews and discussions. It comprises of an online magazine and on-line show component brought to you by entertaining, opinionated and knowledgeable movie enthusiasts. We feel that the African content is a diverse and creative community that craves for its spotlight within the worldwide film and television industry. The thevent.tv essentially is ”Chicken Licken” to the South African Television and Film industry. We aim to feed that craving by creating a platform whereby we celebrate the great work done by creative’s within the industry; a platform to give you a behind the scenes access of the South African Film and Television industry.

If there’s a bad movie out there, we will be there to laugh at it with you and if there is a great performance, we will celebrate it together. If there’s a star you’ve always wanted to ask questions, we will ask them for you and if there is breaking industry news, you will read about it from us first.

We’re looking forward to sharing the journey of escapism with you.


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