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We are living in the age of Pirates, no not the ones on the shores of Ethiopia the ones that live online. To quote a movie “With Great Power, comes Great responsibility” (Spider-Man,2002). When the world was introduced to the internet there were many that saw how it would change the world for the good but with everything great, there are those who will exploit and use it for “The Dark Side”, to quote another movie (StarWars, all of them).

One of the biggest industries that changed and for the better and the worse was the Entertainment industry, Music, Movies and even Television became easier to access and for less or nothing at all.

It would be very difficult to find someone today that hasn’t watched or bought a Pirated Movie or TV show. Alas, the Movie industry has had to change with the times and find new ways to pry us from our comfy couches and student dorm rooms to spend our hard earned money on watching a movie in their Theatres.

The truth is people love going to the cinema as much as they ever did, with 3D and IMAX Screens, better visuals and the truly immersive experience of watching a movie in the cinema; your 46” TV just can’t compete. So other than piracy what is the other aspect that is affecting cinema attendances? Well it’s quite simple, it’s the price of the movie ticket let alone the added costs of Popcorn and 3D Glasses.

With almost five months into the year you either fall into one of these two categories. Number one: you still enjoy going to the cinema or Number two: you would rather opt for the affordable option (cheaper).

If you’re someone that loves going to the cinema but hindered by your bank balance here is how to budget for Cinema.

The First word is CARD: if you are watching a movie at Nu-Metro, make sure you have a Clicks Club card. It’s easy to get a Clicks Club Card, go to your nearest Clicks and apply for free. The card will ensure that you pay less for movie tickets at most Nu-Metro houses (only on Monday to Friday). This discounted offer is limited to 2 tickets per Club Card per day. Please note that the discount on the 3-D movies doesn’t include the cost of the 3-D glasses but you can always keep your glasses for the next movie you watch, which is a BIG SAVE for 3-D movie lovers.

If you are watching a movie at Ster-Kinekor, it would benefit you to become an Edgars Club member, the card will cost you about R15. Movies are discount of up to 60% the usual ticket price depending on which cinema you go to. Visit your nearest Edgars and find out how to purchase the card and the benefits Ster-Kinekor has with Edgars.

Or simply purchase a Ster-Kinekor card. For every movie you watch you will receive points and with enough points you will get to watch a movie for free. This is how the points work:

  • One movie earns you 100 points
  • If you buy a medium or large combo you will get 100 points
  • If you also watch a movie at the end of the month you get 200 points.
  • ‘Burn 1000 points: FREE MOVIE.’

The Second word is Day: Nu-Metro has Woza Wednesday, which means every Wednesday you get to enjoy a movie at a discounted price (2-D movies are always cheaper than 3-D movies).

Ster-Kinekor club card members get to enjoy half price on selected movies every Tuesday. Every Thursday Ster-Kinekor club card members get double points if they watch a movie (as well as on featured movies and promos).

Finally what we all look forward to: Special Screenings. You receive invitations to special screenings, weekly competitions and movie prizes you simply have to be an Edgars Club member.

It looks like you all sorted for the rest of the year. Say goodbye to downloading and hello to the cinema experience, leave that just for music… just kidding. Yes it looks like studios and channels are making a lot of money but it costs just as much to make and market those movies and imagine a world without Avatar.


Michelle Langa @MichelleIsWrite

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