BBHotshots to reveal three housemates a day


Big Brother’s decided to make the new housemates work for their current free board and lodging by getting them involved in the action from now.

Instead of lazing around behind-the-scenes waiting for the show to start in it’s new premiere date on 5 October, they’re going to be exposed.

As from today (18 September) the show’s going to reveal three housemates per day until we’ve seen them all. They’re going to be exposed on the official website which was relaunched today to be ready for things.

I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this year’s crowd nor who I want. I know that I definitely don’t want so many romantic relationships though – they steal the limelight and they’re too similar – we’ve seen enough of them. I want other relationships this season – more personal issues, psycho dramas, whackjobs and annoyances, things that can drive people over the edge in varied ways.

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