‘Captain America 3′ Starts Shooting in April in Atlanta


Captain America: The Winter Soldier kicked of the 2014 blockbuster season with a bang, and though it may eventually be eclipsed by Guardians of the Galaxy in box office earnings, Cap’s first sequel was an unequivocal smash hit. Of course, this means our expectations for Captain America 3 are very high.

Knowing how The Winter Soldier ended – including the film’s post-credit scene – we have a pretty good idea of where the series is heading. Returning directors Anthony and Joe Russo have already confirmed Cap 3 will indeed deal with Steve (Chris Evans) and Bucky’s (Sebastian Stan) complex relationship. And it’s presumed that after his stint in The Avengers: Age of UItron, Cap will take off on a journey to track down the wayward Winter Soldier.

Actors who may appear in Cap 3 (besides Evans and Stan) are Anthony Mackie as Falcon, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, though none of them have been officially confirmed. Regardless, whomever is starring in the sequel will need an open schedule come next April because – as the Russo brothers revealed to Collider today – that’s when the film starts shooting in Atlanta, GA.

An April start date for filming on Captain America 3 means its production will be happening right as Age of Ultron releases on May 1st, 2015. Which, honestly, sounds like a logistical nightmare for Evans, who will need to be promoting one movie while filming another. With that in mind, it seems pretty obvious why the guy is willing to hand over the shield once his six-film contract is up

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