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After Mo and Phindi’s elimination last week which left many viewers reeling, it’s almost time for another explosive episode of Power Couple SA. This week, the five remaining couples – who have long enjoyed the comfort of their own friendship clique – realise that the competition has stepped up a gear, and it’s officially game on. This means that the bets in the investment room will be getting much, much higher and the couples risk way more than usual in order to secure their places in the game. For the first time, the contestants all seem to have their eyes firmly fixed on the ultimate prize: making the most money in each challenge going forward in order to win the title of South Africa’s very first Power Couple.

First up is a spectacular and hilarious guys challenge with a superhero theme! The challenge will involve soaring through tree tops and avoiding pits of snakes, but will the guys realise that the aim of the game is to save their damsels no matter what? Many of the ladies bet high on their guys succeeding in the task, but what of those who chose to stay conservative in their betting? For uber-competitive Dean and Crystal, sparks may fly again. The next day it will be the ladies’ turn to prove what they’re worth as they receive a very special surprise visitor who will have to work with them in order to complete the challenge successfully.

With it becoming harder to have to vote off some of their friends next week, as well as additional investment pressure, who will buckle and who will triumph? Watch Power Couple SA on M-Net Channel 101 on Thursday night at 19:30 for all of the action.

Power Couple SA is sponsored by, where one can bet on the world’s biggest lotteries. Fans of the show can play the Power Couple SA weekly prediction game, to stand a chance of winning a whopping R500 000.00, courtesy of, as well as weekly prizes from Fans can play the weekly prediction game on WeChat under the MNetTV handle, on the official Power Couple website –, or on the mobi site. All you have to do is answer a simple question predicting the outcome of the challenge in the following week’s episode, click through to create your own account, and you will be entered into a draw for the weekly prizes and the grand prize of R500 000.00 from!

For images and exclusive videos of the 8 Power Couples, visit, and follow all Power Couple SA news and conversations on Facebook on the “Power Couple SA” page or Twitter @PowerCoupleSA.

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