Daniel Radcliffe and Ben Kingsley will play father and son in new movie


Douglas McGrath has written and will direct the historical drama which has been inspired by true events during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in the 19th century. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has been confirmed as the lead character, Washington Roebling, who was an inexperienced civil engineer challenged with the immense task of overseeing the bridge’s construction.

The announcement of Kingsley and Larson’s castings comes months after speculation that Radcliffe would be appearing as the protagonist first began.
Iron Man 3 villain Ben Kingsley will play the father of Radcliffe’s character, Roebling Sr., who drew up the plans for the bridge, while 24-year-old 21 Jump Street actress Larson plays Washington’s long-suffering wife, Emily Roebling.

It is believed that the film will pay close attention to Washington and Emily’s relationship, with Larson’s character contributing to the completion of the bridge after Washington sustains several injuries. Pascal Degove – Goldcrest Films managing director – said:

“This is a film that distributors are really excited about.

That this enthusiasm is shared by a highly commercial blend of acclaimed contemporary talent and acting royalty is really a testament to Doug’s script and his extraordinary strength as a filmmaker.”

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