Days Of Our Lives – November Synopses


Find below episode synopses for Season 33 of Days of Our Lives which airs weekdays at 17:00 only on SABC3.

EPISODE 11 945 – 98 / 2.11.2015

E.J. shows up at Jennifer and confronts her about pushing Nicole. Sami tells Lucas about Rafe lying about being the father of Nicole’s baby and that he had told Carrie. Lucas calls Sami out for being a hypocrite. Daniel agrees to move away with Nicole but wants Nicole to drop the charges against Jennifer. Kristen shows up at John’s office and tells him that she has changed. John attempts to call the police since he thinks Kristen has outstanding warrants but Kristen tells him they have expired. Marlena accuses Kristen of stealing her phone until John’s receptionists comes in and tells her she left it in the waiting room that morning.

EPISODE 11 946 – 99 / 3.11.2015

Kristen offers to help E.J. get Sami back. Later, Kristen shows up at Sami’s apartment and tells her that she is now in charge of Countess W. Bo and Hope discuss the possibility of a caregiver with Caroline who doesn’t like the idea at all. Kayla shows up later and tells them about a treatment program located across the country. Chad continues to act hostile towards Gabi and Abigail still wants answers as to why Melanie suddenly left. Chad gets the news from one of E.J.’s associates that E.J. is the father of Nicole’s baby.

EPISODE 11 947 – 100 / 4.11.2015

Caroline balks at the idea of traveling to California for treatment. Bo and Hope eventually get Caroline to agree to go and Bo will accompany her. Kristen tells Sami that E.J. never signed the papers to relinquish the company and they have not been able to file the quarterly tax returns so they are being fined. Kristen planned this to get Sami to see E.J. Nicole gives her statement to Roman telling him that her fall was an accident.

EPISODE 11 948 – 101 / 5.11.2015

Sami finds out about Caroline and Bo going to California for treatment when she comes in crying about her problems. Brady runs into Kristen and warns her to stay away from his father and Marlena. Nick acts uncomfortable around Sonny and Will. Marlena is upset when John doesn’t reveal his encounter with Kristen.

EPISODE 11 949 – 102 / 6.11.2015

Bo begins to say his goodbyes to friends and family. Lucas shows up at Sonny’s place just as Will and Sonny are taking things to the next level. Lucas believes the Sonny is just using Will. Rafe tries to comfort Sami after hearing about Caroline.

EPISODE 11 950 – 103 / 9.11.2015

Jennifer realizes that Daniel agreed to leave town with Nicole in exchange for Nicole dropping the charges against her. Daniel has the baby clothes Nicole bought donated to charity. A nurse wants to take an item of baby clothing from lost and found which Nicole left after losing her baby but Maxine tells her to put it back. Marlena runs into Kristen again at the cafe and becomes livid when she finds out Kristen is using the same therapist as her thinking Kristen planned it. Bo and Caroline say tearful goodbyes to family as they leave for California.

EPISODE 11 951 – 104 / 10.11.2015

Marlena, demands that Sami quit her job but Sami wants more proof that Kristen is really after Marlena again. The item of clothing that Nicole left behind at the hospital the day she lost her baby is part of a two piece set. E.J. finds out that Nicole’s statement means the charges will be dropped against Jennifer and he shows up at her place irate. Daniel admits that he loves Jennifer that is why he got Nicole to change her statement and agreed to leave town with her.

EPISODE 11 952 – 105 / 11.11.2015

Jennifer hopes Maggie can change Daniel’s mind. E.J. tells Nicole that he will be pressing charges against Daniel and Rafe since she let Jennifer off the hook. Brady breaks into Kristen’s apartment to warn her again to stay away from John and Marlena. Nick tells Gabi that he is not comfortable with Will and Sonny’s lifestyle. Will warns Lucas about messing with his relationship with Sonny.

EPISODE 11 953 – 106 / 12.11.2015

Kristen makes Sami an offer she cannot refuse to stay with Countess W. Jennifer wants to turn herself in for pushing Nicole in order to get Daniel to stay in town. Daniel tells Nicole that they will leave town that night. Nicole asks Sami for help in getting E.J. to back down with Rafe and Daniel. Daniel returns to the hospital looking for his lost necklace and while at lost and found he finds the shirt to the pants that he found in Nicole’s baby stuff. Lucas tells Will that he thinks Sonny is just using him.

EPISODE 11 954 – 107 / 13.11.2015

Daniel tracks down Dr. Sedwick with Rafe’s help and she tells him that she told Nicole her baby was dead. Sami tells Jennifer that Nicole wouldn’t have changed her story about the fall so easily if there wasn’t something else she was hiding. Victor tries to buy Nicole off to leave town without Daniel. Brady has a nightmare about Kristen shooting John. John tries to get Sami to come work for him but she declines. Kristen gives Kate divorce papers from Stefano.

EPISODE 11 955 – 108 / 16.11.2015

Daniel finally puts all the pieces together and realizes Nicole lost her baby before her encounter with Jennifer in the square. Marlena is determined to not let Kristen get to her. John runs into Kristen yet again at a Church fundraising board meeting they are both now serving on. Victor wants Brady to throw himself at Nicole.

EPISODE 11 956 – 109 / 17.11.2015

Hope asks John and Marlena to winterize the cabin so they can have some alone time together. Marlena ends up being unable to go when a patient calls needing an emergency session so John goes alone. Daniel tracks down Nicole at Jennifer and demands that the whole truth be told.

EPISODE 11 957 – 110 / 18.11.2015

Daniel gets Nicole to admit that she knew her baby was dead before she ever saw Jennifer that day. Nicole ends up running off to the town square and stands at the top of the steps with a scalpel in her hand. John arrives at the cabin to find Kristen already there. John thinks she has broken in but Kristen says she still had a key that Alice gave her. Sami realizes the Nick and Gabi is an item and asks Nick if he is still interested in a job at Countess W. Marlena apologizes to Sami for demanding that she quit Countess W. Sami is surprised but happy and informs Marlena that she has been unable to get a hold of Kristen for hours.

EPISODE 11 958 – 111 / 19.11.2015

Nicole threatens to cut herself with the scalpel as Daniel tries to talk her down. Nicole eventually drops the scalpel but tries to jump before Rafe and Daniel stop her. Tad brings around a new girl and tries to claim responsibility for Sonny and Will being together but the two are still not speaking after the incident with Lucas. Kristen tells John that all she wants is his forgiveness.

EPISODE 11 959 – 112 / 20.11.2015

Jennifer considers letting Nicole off for falsely accusing her. E.J. and Abby bond over their loss. Chad tries to provoke Nick in front of his parole officer. Marlena arrives at the cabin to see Kristen sleeping on John’s shoulder. Kristen ends up with John’s money clip and asks Brady to return it to John.

EPISODE 11 960 – 113 / 23.11.2015

Hope tells Nicole she is not being charged because Jennifer told the D.A. she didn’t want to press charges. Gabi faints and Nick insists on bringing her to the hospital where she gets the news that she is pregnant. Sonny and Will make up. Nicole is in the town square crying when she sees Eric Brady.

EPISODE 11 961 – 114 / 24.11.2015

Nicole is shocked to see Eric back in Salem and even more shocked when she sees Eric in a priest clerical outfit. Sami is with Gabi when Gabi gets the news that she is pregnant. Gabi quickly realizes that Will is the father of her baby. Will and Sonny have sex. John defends Kristen to Marlena. Kristen tells E.J. that she will step aside as Countess W so E.J. can be in closer contact with Sami.

EPISODE 11 962 – 115 / 25.11.2015

Sami covers for Gabi with Rafe. Eric reveals to Nicole that he became a priest. Gabi tells Will that she is pregnant with his baby. Brady takes John’s place on the church charity board. Jennifer tells Daniel about a new study that may help him get back in the operating room.

EPISODE 11 963 – 116 / 26.11.2015

Daniel pretends to be grateful but throws away the research which Jennifer later finds in the trash. Sami warns Eric about Nicole. Later, Eric finds Nicole crying and offers to talk. Brady and Kristen get into it again and after Kristen leaves she is attacked in the town square. Brady shows up and pulls one guy off of her but is attacked by another. Marlena is surprised when John reveals he quit the church board and Kristen resigned from Countess W. Chad and Abby spend time together with Theo.

EPISODE 11 964 – 117 / 27.11.2015

Kristen tries to call John to tell him that Brady is in the hospital but Marlena keeps intercepting the calls and deleting the voice mails. Kayla tells Hope that Bo and Caroline may be coming home earlier than expected since Caroline’s treatment is going well. Gabi tells Will that she is considering having an abortion.

EPISODE 11 965 – 118 / 30.11.2015

Marlena has to admit to John that she deleted Kristen’s messages about Brady which causes the two to get into an argument. Sami tells Rafe that Gabi is pregnant. Will tells Gabi that he will support her decision to have an abortion but they need to borrow money from Sonny. Lucas apologizes to Sonny.

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