DIE WINDPOMP wins five awards


The recently released Die Windpomp, won five awards at the Silwerskermfees held last week in Cape Town.  From its nine nominations, the ZenHQ produced film won Best Film, Best Director (Etienne Fourie), Best Support Actress (Marga Van Rooy), Best Original Music Score (Johnny De Ridder) and Best Screenplay (Etienne Fourie).

The film is a beautiful, humorous and quirky love story that revolves around 20 year old Hendri who arrives on the doorstep of an oddly familiar retirement village. Bingo nights, garden ornaments and weird and wonderful behaviour of the people in the village soon invest Hendri’s world. Hendri is taken under the wing of a kind, elderly neighbour, who, for some reason, forces him to take regular baths at her house after deliberately damaging the plumbing.

Lying on the roof one night, Hendri sees five silhouetted figures making their way into a forest. He follows them and finds more than he expected – elderly folks swimming in a dam, a windmill rising from its moonlit centre. A beautiful young girl appears from amongst the darkness and introducers herself as Margot – Hendri is immediately mesmerised by his mysterious new friend.

But not everything is as it seems in Hendri’s world…

“The wins came as a huge surprise, since we were up against the big titles and box offices successes of this year. It is welcoming to see the nature of Afrikaans films changing. Playing in the Afrikaans terrain for the first time, it’s a great honour to be awarded Best Film with our debut film.”

-Chris Roland, who was pleasantly surprised to collect 2 Best Film awards.

Die Windpomp will be available on rental DVD and VOD services from 12 September 2014 and on DVD at leading retail stores from 26 September.

“ We are pleased that the public can now rent, own or stream Die Windpomp. We’re going to insure that no one is left out from seeing this award-winning game changer for Afrikaans films”

-Die Windpomp’s producer Lee-Ann Cotton, who also owns ZenHQ Films, which produced the film.

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