Euphonik, Lulo Cafe and Tira slam Don Laka


A crop of top South African DJs including Euphonik, Lulo Cafe and Tira have slammed Don Laka over his recent social media tirades.

In a controversial social media post that has resulted in him losing his Facebook profile, Don Laka accused most of the popular DJs of promoting each other on radio stations and leaving the rest of the artists out in the cold.

The biggest fraud and conflict of interest reign supreme here. These are the top and most famous music earners, DJs in the country and they all work for one radio station. They self promote each other. They have all opened a business inside a business. We need answers.  Who has allowed this corrupt practice?  This is why artists have been taken off the playlist and they are the ones  fulfilling the SA quote… comment… and share… Christos, Vinnie, Oskido,  Shimza, Naves,  Mo, Malwela [sic],” read the post.

Laka’s statement immediately sparked a lot of social media debate with Euphonik firing back by stating:

“With Respect. I COMPLETELY disagree with how Don Laka is calling people out publicly without ALL the facts. Not how grown folk a should act.”


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