Generations cast heads for court


The “Generations 16” are hoping that it’s third time lucky as they add a labour court bid to their battle against the popular soapie’s executive producer, Mfundi Vundla. The actors, who were sacked last month, will approach the labour court to compel Vundla’s MMSV Productions to contribute to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and pay any penalties incurred for not doing so since the fund was established in 2001.

Vundla said he had been advised by his lawyers that he did not have to contribute to the actors’ UIF.

“Since they are freelancers, we aren’t obliged to contribute,” said Vundla.

But he said he would not pre-empt the court’s decision and would be there when called. No date has yet been set. On October 14, the 16 will have to put on the performances of their lives as they appear before the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) in a parallel bid to get back to work.

And there’s a third fight on the go. City Press has learnt that cast members are pressing ahead with a civil claim designed to get a chunk of repeat fees and royalties, which they allege the SABC hasn’t paid since Generations hit the small screen in 1994.

Lawyer for the Generations Actors’ Guild Bulelani Mzamo refused to comment on the three processes.

“The civil claim is a separate matter which is still before the court. We are still pursuing that,” he said.

Adrian Galley from the SA Guild of Actors said he was opposed to the unscrupulous exploitation of any actor and stood firmly behind colleagues who may have valid grievances.

“The guild continues to advocate for disputes to be resolved through the appropriate legal mechanisms. The most recent reports suggest that the actors had indicated their willingness to return. The action of filing papers with the CCMA suggests their overture may not have met with success,” he said.

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