Is Chris Pine the Next Green Lantern?


If our recent news that Warner Bros. and DC are including two Green Lanterns in their rebooted film pans out, it’s very possible that Chris Pine will be playing Hal Jordan. Pine was previously reported as being in talks to be playing Steve Trevor, the love interest of Princess Diana/Wonder Woman in the Gal Gadot-starring standalone film. While that’s certainly still a possibility, with the news that the Green Lantern reboot may once again include Hal Jordan, Pine seems to make more sense in the latter role.

In their round-up of DC movie news, Latino Reviewsuggests that Pine’s earlier talks with the studio for a role in their Wonder Woman film were a smokescreen for a possibleGreen Lantern role. Make no mistake, WB/DC seem to be catching on to Disney/Marvel’s highly successful approach to building a cinematic universe, which includes locking in top talent early on for a multi-film contract. In other words, if Hal Jordan and John Stewart are expected to show up in the Green Lantern in 2020, they’ll probably be introduced much earlier in either of the Justice League movies. If WB/DC is going to announce their superhero team-up cast at Comic-Con like we’re expecting them to do, the reveal of the two Lanterns would be huge.

So while Pine may be playing Steve Trevor or Hal Jordan, there’s also the question of who will portray Green Lantern John Stewart on the big screen for the first time. In the same article, Latino Review revisits popular actors Common and Tyrese Gibson, who have been rumored for the role. I’m not expecting either of them to land it. Common already stars in WB/DC’s Suicide Squad in an unspecified though likely villainous role, so it’d be very strange to have him also play an intergalactic hero. Gibson has been a regular player in the Fast and Furious andTransformers franchises, but I’m not sure if his style is a match for the character. Stewart’s background is as an architect and U.S. Marine with a profound belligerence against authority; Gibson’s performances have been frankly too goofy to make a good fit.

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