John Wick 2 Casts Common As a Villain


Hollywood thrillers get quite a bit right these days. In a post Casino Royale, and Batman Begins world, action movies bring gritty violence, and heroes that audiences can emotionally invest in. However, one area where numerous action franchises tend to fall flat comes in the characterization of their villains.

For all the things it did right — and that’s a long list — even surprise action hit John Wick failed to include any truly memorable or iconic villains. However, it would appear that the Keanu Reeves-headlined sequel, known simply as John Wick 2 for the time being, might not have that problem.

According to THR, rapper turned surprisingly solid actor (and Oscar-winner) Common has been tapped to portray the film’s primary antagonist. Despite a notable scarcity of details regarding the project, the report indicates that Common will portray a female crime lord’s head of security. This could seemingly indicate that Common’s character will provide the visceral, physical threat while a currently unrevealed big bad pulls the strings.

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