Lena Dunham and the fresh-faced chronicles.


There are many good things producer/director Judd Apatow has laid his hands on. Slightly underrated, Apatow has help embody the Hollywood outfit of dozens and Lena Dunham is carefully excelling to become one of his most prized alumni. Lena Dunham’s new show “Girls” is light years away compared to anything else on television. For those of you sleeping, it’s late. Lena Dunham, an American actress and filmmaker is the creator and starlet of the HBO series Girls .At only 27, Lena has already won not one, but two Golden Globe Awards for Girls. Yes, everything about Lena Dunham is awesome.

Remember graduation? For some of us it meant a half-decent night waiting in line for hours only to get your 30 seconds of fame, whilst still pointing your middle finger at authority. For others it earmarked the birth of a new world filled with possibilities and Daddy’s old money. But for most of us reality could not have seemed more appalling: endless job hunts followed by the imaginary-lucrative field of experience points.

Internships! That’s right. In fact I’m still doing one right now. The world at your feet yet no one really knows what on earth they are doing. For anyone who has not seen the show; Girls follows the mishaps of a tight-knit group of twenty-something’s, using modern day New York City as the backdrop. Heavy on social commentary – its central characters often experience overtly frank and thought-provoking situations. Dunham plays Hannah an aspiring writer who’s pretty much naked all time. Girls, certainly is bold and witty – offering a remarkable voice on the Generation-Y blues. The script is also compulsively written and based on the true-life events of Dunham herself.


Principal cast of Girls

While the show exceedingly gains popularity, its creator continues to produce the goods. Back in near-apocalyptic 2012 Dunham became the first women to win a Directors Guild Award. Now if that’s not testament to how inexplicability exciting our world has become remember that the internet is only twenty-five, we all know what they say about forty.

While our generation grows bewildered within the age of the selfie, it takes a lone wolf to define the social odds and excel in a certain symbiosis module based on workmanship between the experienced and inexperienced. If you follow up on Judd Apatow you’ll come across a cult series called “Freaks and Geeks,” this is where the module is seen in all its earlier greatness. Young and old steering the workforce, the series undoubtedly introduced the likes of Seth Rogen and James Franco. Glancing back, you’ll notice that the advancement of humanity fundamentally depends on creative innovation. So nothing new here. Recently I’ve witnessed the birth of a few new series being welcomed upon our local platforms sadly; neither of them was even slightly enticing – they all borrowed heavily from our American counterparts. I understand that some of them were leaning towards the successful Tela-nova industry and that’s okay, but honestly guys were you seriously expecting us to follow these formulaic shows?

It’s a personal dream to see more young writers take the wheel as Lena Dunham’s currently doing, only in Mzansi do we live within such extreme worlds – enabling us a platform for culturally rich narratives. Momentarily Hollywood is certainly allowing and embracing anything with a distinct Afro-Politian feel and in some ways I believe Johannesburg could become a leading player. If the maxim comedy is tragedy is anything to go by, then surely we should be leading the pack, right?

It’s time for a shift in energies; local producers should be hunting any trace of upcoming scriptwriters and directors. Frankly, I’m tired of shows like “7deLaan” and “Scandal”. Give us edgy, give us fresh and maybe throw in a multi-cultural werewolf?

Lately wolves have taken their fair share of criticism, often judged upon its thirst-fueled characteristics. Be it blood or money the wolf always reaches to the top while minorities cheer for its fall from grace. The truth is hidden somewhere in-between; in our early twenties we garner our sheep-colours as we are lured into the “real world”, with only hipsters selling exclusive coffee’s emerging more freely. Figuratively, we can all thank Lena Dunham for creating a series that mirrors a troubled and intriguing account of sheep, wolves, hipsters and interns. As author Robin Sharma tweeted, “You can change the world or you can worry about fitting in but you just can’t do both.” Only Lena Dunham gets to have her cake and eat it.

Written By: Kurt Mullins @krafycuts89

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