SA Youtube views spike up by 90%


Thanks to online shows from MduComics and The Anne Hirsch Showbizcommunity reports that the online presence of South Africa on YouTube has increased by 90%.

YouTube attracts a global generation that has grown up watching what they want, whenever they want, on whatever device is closest. Globally, almost 40% of YouTube’s 6 billion hours of monthly watch-time comes from mobile devices. On average, 60% of a channel’s views come from outside the creator’s home country.

“We call the YouTube generation ‘Generation C’, with 70% of South African YouTube users being between the ages of 18-34. According to a recent survey, these young South Africans are constantly connected and, if they need answers to something, they are more likely to consult their smartphones than another person nearby. This same group move back and forth between different devices and 88% of them are online daily,” says Jared Molko, YouTube brand partnerships lead at Google South Africa.

Other top South African performers include,Web fitness celeb Peter Cilliers creator of SixPackFactory and Teen sensationCaspar Lee who has over 2 million subscribers

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