SHORT FILM OF THE WEEK – ‘Avoidance’ by Benoit Lach

“In a suburban town near Montreal, a man spends a day with his sister`s son, forcing him to confront some poignant sexual decisions of his past.”

Benoit Lach kicks off his film ‘Avoidance’ with a punch. Sebastian, an almost entirely naked man runs out of a house as though he has witnessed an excruciatingly horrifying event. Immediately afterward we see Sebastian with an entirely altered and almost unrecognizable appearance. The well kept and groomed young man transforms into a slightly older slob, with an unkempt and careless appearance lying face down in a dark and grimy house. A loss of innocence is reflected in his physical transformation, but we’re uncertain as to why. His sister calls him from work asking him to pick up and babysit her son, instructing him to order pizza with money from the top drawer in her dresser. His questionable and depraved actions that follow accompanied by his constant look of disgust and self-loathing lead us toward a mutual but temporary loathing. Once we discover the root of his depravity, we not only have a greater understanding of his behaviors, but in some ways also absolve him of his unjustifiable rudeness seen earlier on in the film, but not of his greater sin.

Genre: Drama
Director: Benoit Lach
Production Company: Independent
Duration: 11 Minutes


Visit for the full synopsis.

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