Some M-Net Shows To Take A Break This Festive Season


Everyone deserves a holiday, and during the upcoming festive season some of your favourite television characters – especially those who appear in series which are broadcast close to the US – will take a bit of a break.

 “M-Net is renowned for bringing viewers the best in premium entertainment and has upped the ante with our speedy Express from the US service which enables viewers to enjoy some Hollywood series as they hit the screens in the States. When these productions close down for the holidays, they therefore also disappear from our schedules for a while.” explains M-Net’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard.

While there are some exceptions to the rule, The US production breaks usually vary between one and three weeks and when these series’ return to television next year viewers will once again be able to watch a brand new episode each week.

Below is a list of series that will be taking a break over the festive season:

  • Murder in the First Season 2.  While the show is off air viewers can enjoy Chicago PD Season 3 (from November 10 at 21:30). New episodes of Murder in the First will resume from 5 January 2016 at 21:30.


  •  Chicago Fire Season 4. As there are no new episodes from December 22, the channel has scheduled the much-anticipated Zoo Season 1 from December 22 at 20:30. New episodes of Chicago Fire will commence on March 22 at 20:30.


  •  NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7.  No new episodes from December 25. The music special Grammy Tribute to Frank Sinatra will therefore be screened on December 25 at 20:30 and Public Morals Season 1 will start the following week on January 1 at 20:30.  NCIS: Los Angeles will resume on March 11 2016.


  • Cyber Season 2. No new episodes from December 30. In its place viewers can enjoy the dark thriller American Crime Season 2 (from January 13 at 21:30). New episodes of CSI: Cyber will come our way from March 23 2016.


  • Chicago PD Season 3. No new episodes from January 5. The final three episodes of Murder in the First Season 2 will be scheduled on 5,12 and 19 January at 21:30.  Chicago PD will have new episodes from January 26 at 21:30.


  • Modern Family Season 7: Last new episode will air on November 25. M-Net will broadcast previous episodes on 2 and 9 December; Big Bang Theory Season 9: No new episodes from December 16.  The 19:30 and 20:00 slots will be filled with episodes of the all-new documentary-style series The Muppets Season 1. From January 20 at 19:30 there will be new episodes of Modern Family and  Big Bang Theory.


  • The Ellen Degeneres Show Season 13. As there will be no new episodes from December 22 at 18:30, M-Net will screen previous Ellen Degeneres episodes in this popular talk show slot. Ellen will bring us fresh episodes from 11 January 2016.


  • Blindspot Season 1.  No new episodes from 23 December. The show will go on a 13 week break and M-Net will announce the replacement show as soon as possible.


  • Gotham Season 2: Is off air from December 10. M-Net Edge viewers can watch Halt and Catch Fire Season 1. New episodes will resume from March 2016.

Express from the U.S. series:

  • Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: The Astronauts Wives Club Season 1 replaces Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 from November 30 at 19:30. New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy will start in February 2016.


  • The Fixer Season 5: The gladiators will be off air and in this slot M-Net will schedule My Story: Tim Noakes on November 30 at 20:30 and the following week from December 7 at 20:30, the action-packed military thriller The Last Ship Season 2 will keep viewers entertained. There will be new episodes of The Fixer in February 2016.


  • Chicago Med Season 1: No new episodes from December 22. M-Net will communicate a replacement as soon as possible. New episodes of Chicago Med Season 1 will resume in January at 19:30.

Express to Explora series:

  • The Blacklist Season 3: Takes a break from November 19, resumes January 2016.


  • Limitless Season 1: No new episodes from November 26 and will resume on a date to be confirmed.


  • Blue Bloods Season 6: The multigenerational family of cops will take a break from November 21 and will resume on a date yet to be confirmed.

Please note the above information is subject to change. Should there be additional changes we will notify you accordingly.

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