Sony Developing ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Live-Action/CGI Movie


With the E3 currently in full-swing, the internet has been overflowing with gaming news. And in the deluge of new title announcements and next-gen platform exclusives, one classic video game hero is getting some extra attention: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic first burst onto the Sega Genesis in 1991 and became an immediate smash-hit. Developed initially as a mascot for the growing company, Sonic is now easily one of the most recognizable video game characters in the world, second only to Nintendo’s Mario. Over the years the “blue blur” has starred in over 20 titles, but sadly, many of Sonic’s more recent games have failed to recapture the success of his earlier adventures.

Unsuccessful games aside, Sega isn’t tossing Sonic to the curb yet. On the contrary, they are now developing a Sonic the Hedgehog movie with Sony.

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marza Animation Planet will be teaming up for the CGI/live-action hybrid feature. Neal Moritz is producing from under his Original Film banner with Marza’s Takeshi Ito and Mie Onishi. Toby Ascher is on board as executive producer, while Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons are co-producing.

The script is coming from Upright Citizens Brigade alums Evan Susser and Van Robichaux, who are also writing The Jetsons live-action flick. The duo surely have some solid comedy chops and that’s a good match for a film that’s looking to “capture Sonic’s irreverent tone and spirit.”

At the same time, the CEO of Marza Animation, Masanao Maeda, promises “a fresh take to Sonic, while still capturing everything that the fans love about him.” That sounds awfully close to promises made for just about every Sonic game in recent memory, which have often gone unfulfilled.

Throughout his two decades of games, Sonic has gathered a colorful cast of allies to help him do battle against his nemesis, Dr. Eggman. However, beyond racing to collect coins and save his friends, most moviegoers aren’t very familiar with the mythos of Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike Mario and his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom, Sonic’s exploits aren’t quite as memorable in terms of narrative.

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