‘Star Wars’ Crosses $700 Million Domestically as 2016 Is Off to a Strong Start


This first weekend of 2016 is the second largest January weekend of all-time. The top twelve grossed an estimated $204.6 million, $4.5 million shy of the current record, set in 2009 when Avatar was king of the world. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, however, has its eye on Avatar‘s crown as it now sits in second place, just $20 million behind Avatar’s all-time domestic record, and over $1.5 billion worldwide. Also making headlines this weekend Quentin Tarantino‘s The Hateful Eight expanded nationwide, Daddy’s Home and Sisters prove people want comedy and Charlie Kaufman‘s stop-motion animated feature hit limited theaters. Beginning with Star Wars, Disney is estimating an $88.3 million weekend, which brings the film up to $740.2 million after only 17 days in theaters. It’s the fastest film to cross $700 million domestically, doing in 16 days what took Avatar 72. The film has broken 40 box office records (and those are just the records BoxOfficeMojo officially tracks at this time..

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