‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Tyler James Williams in Mystery Role


We’re only a few short weeks out from the fifth season premiere of AMC juggernaut The Walking Dead, but that doesn’t mean new potential zombie killers – or zombie chow for that matter – aren’t lining up to enter the drama’s post-apocalyptic universe. The latest actor to shamble into The Walking Dead’s undead environs is Tyler James Williams, who has been cast in the mystery role of Noah.

Williams is still probably best known for starring on the long-running sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, but he was more recently a regular on the short-lived Matthew Perry series Go On. As you might have gathered from the phrase “mystery role” above (a description used by THR in its original report), nothing else is currently known about Noah, or to what extent he will figure into the overarching plot of Walking Dead’s fifth season.

It is also unclear exactly which episode Williams will make his debut in, or whether the young thespian has signed on to join the regular cast, be a recurring player, or simply function as a one-off guest star. What we do know is that Williams’ Noah character doesn’t exist in the ongoing Robert Kirkman comic book series that inspired The Walking Dead’s small-screen adaptation, meaning he will be a completely fresh addition to the franchise’s ever-burgeoning canon.

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