Times Media Films Initiate Process With FPB To Review ‘DIS EK, ANNA’ Classification


Times Media Films, distributor of the Afrikaans language feature film, Dis ek, Anna has initiated the process with the Film Publication Board (FPB) to review the earlier classification imposed on the film.  This was the first viewing by the FPB and geared towards clearing the film for screening at the Durban International Film Festival in July.  The film was given an 18L (SV) classification.

The final music score and sync on the film has now been completed as well as the addition of information cards to the film’s end credits and the FPB has requested a second classification session of the final version of the film.  In early September, a new classification committee will watch the film and make its recommendations.

Dis ek, Anna is produced by Niel van Deventer of Palama Productions, helmed by Sara Blecher and stars Charlené Brouwer in the title role, along with Marius Weyers, Nicola Hanekom, newcomer Izel Bezuidenhout as the young Anna, Morné Visser, Eduan van Jaarsveldt, Drikus Volschenk, Ilse Klink, Elton Andrew, Hykie Berg and Elize Cawood.

The film is based on the best-selling fictionalised autobiographical novels Ek, Anna and Die Staat teen Anna Bruwer by Anchien Troskie written under the pseudonym Elbie Lötter and describes the sexual abuse suffered by young Anna Bruwer at the hands of her stepfather from the age of 12.  While Blecher has handled the rape scenes with great sensitivity, she does not shy away from showing the impact that the abuse has on the young Anna.  “The whole point of the film is expose the damage that sexual abuse causes.  I think that it is important that this film be made accessible to 16 year olds, because they are a vulnerable age group and we have to let them know that they are not alone and they do not need to endure abuse”, says Blecher.

Van Deventer’s primary reason for making the film was to address the rampant abuse suffered by children in South Africa and offer hope to victims.  “This is a taboo subject that nobody wants to talk about, but we cannot simply ignore the situation while more and more girls and boys are abused, often by people known to them.  If this film can make a difference to just one victim or create a greater awareness of sexual abuse, we would have succeeded”.

Times Media Films will release Dis ek, Anna limited release on 18 September before the official opening at cinemas nationally on 23 October 2015.

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