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Dolf is a regular guy-next-door from the sleepy holiday hamlet of Knysna on the Garden Route. A victim of circumstance and environment, he is marking time on the treadmill of life, somewhat stuck in his mundane life until one day while cleaning the pool of one of The Heads’ mansions he decides to skinny dip only to be confronted by the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.Stephanie, is hiding out in Knysna from her fiance, the Prince of Lichtenstein after she has a bout of “cold feet” mere weeks before her wedding. Not being one to worship at the covers of celebrity gossip magazines, Dolf is completely oblivious of Stephanie’s true identity, and in turn Stephanie is only too happy to slip into the anonymous daily life of the simple man. Soon the two strike up a friendship, and Dolf is at once smitten with her. But how long before the truth rears its head.

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