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imageRELEASE DATE: December 2013
GENREAction Comedy
STARRING: David Kau, Joey Rasdien, Kagiso Lediga, Chris Forrest, David Kibuuka, Toll A$$ Mo, Tats Nkonzo
DIRECTOR: Andrew Wessels
WRITER: Kagiso Lediga
PRODUCER: Kagiso Lediga, John Volmink, Isaac Mogajane


South Africa’s comedy club got together and decided to shoot a buddy cop comedy movie, the result? Mild punch lines and awful filmmaking. Two cops find themselves bored and unmotivated after being tasked with patrolling the quiet side of Jo’burg CBD. The one half of the duo Ace Dikolobe (David Kau) craves action and danger and to be a super cop hero while his partner Rummy Augustine (Joey Rasdien) is trying to start his own family but has the little problem of an over-bearing mother-in-law who won’t move out.

They find themselves in a poor white neighborhood solving a small crime, this leads to an introduction of Indian, drugs and a cat and mouse chase to make the biggest drug bust the police force has seen and a chance to restore their reputations.


The cast as stated features the Pure Monate comedic crew (Pure Monate is popular sketch show which used to air on South African television). David Kau playing a black skinny South African cop (only in the movies do we such a thing). Kagiso Lediga the writer of this comedic mishap also features as the Sergent of the police force (Sgt Lucas Ledwaba). The movie also features a sniper team that is just as out of shape as the main team, this features David Kibuuka and Chris Forest.



Blitz Patrollie has all the right ingredients to be a super hit action comedy movie, a funny cast, a perfect popular genre and a equally humorous setting of the South African Johannesburg CBD. When I first saw the theatrical trailer (included in the DVD) I honestly thought I was going to be entertained and laugh myself to tears, unfortunately after a few minutes into the movie I was cringing at the acting, script and the direction.

If you are not familiar with any of the actors you might find the movie a little more entertaining, I unfortunately felt like I was watching popular comedians dressed in costumes delivering a stage comedy. The plot is very thin and features random moments in the movie that feel like forced comedic gags which unfortunately come of horribly.

The one redeeming comedic attribute of this movie is the serial killer who uses a brick to kill all his victims; I thought this was a brilliant and original way to use local social norms to drive the humor and plot. More of this would have made the movie more bearable. I have to compare this movie to other popular successful buddy cop movies like “The Heat”, “Hot Fuzz”, “Rush Hour” etc, and it is nowhere near this caliber.


The DVD features the theatrical trailer, the standard Behind the Scenes of the movie and an audio commentary delivered by the writer and director. I was highly disappointed with the Behind the Scenes feature due to the way it’s recorded; the audio is recorded poorly making the end product cheap and uninteresting.


Own it if you are a fan of the Pure Monate team or if you just enjoy silly South African humour.

RATING: 3/10

REVIEVED BY: @KreativeGangsta

Blitz Patrolie
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