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TK is a handsome and charming womanizer who runs at the first mention of commitment. His life changes when he meets Skiets, the one woman immune to his charms. Skiets is an adrenaline junkie who earns a living as a petty criminal. If TK is to have any chance with her, he will have to survive a gauntlet of dangerous undertakings at her side.

But when Skiets takes on Mugza, the most feared man in town, things get very messy. TK and Skiets only narrowly escape to Johannesburg with Mugza’s car, but soon discover that the crime-lord is hot on their heels.

Turning to quirky and charming businessman Gumede for help, the couple thinks they may have found a shelter in which to lay low. But have they? It isn’t long before they begin to realize that they may find love, but will they find out first hand that crime does not pay?

Hard To Get
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