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RELEASE DATE: December 2014
RUNNING TIME: 93 minutes
GENRE: Drama
STARRING:  Amanda SeyfriedJames FrancoPeter SarsgaardSharon StoneRobert PatrickJuno TempleChris Noth,  Bobby CannavaleHank AzariaAdam BrodyChloë Sevigny
DIRECTOR: Rob EpsteinJeffrey Friedman
WRITER: Andy Bellin
PRODUCER: Marvin V. AcunaBoaz DavidsonDanny Dimbort


Surprisingly riveting for such a bland title.


Own it because there’s Amanda Seyfried, and Felatio in it…okay seriously?

Upon first seeing the title of the movie you might be mislead into thinking that this is another sappy teen romantic comedy. Good news is that it is far from that, it is infact the story of Linda Marchiano, a freckled naive young girl hungry for some fun and adventure in her life, and boy does she get it. Enter Peter Sarsgaard as the creepy cash strapped boyfriend who abuses and manipulates Linda into the pornography industry. Linda takes the performance name Linda Lovelace and within 17 days of working in the industry she becomes a pornography icon and a symbol of the 1970s sexual revolution for becoming the first woman to perform actual fellatio onscreen.

If the subject matter and production quality is not reason enough to add this to your DVD collection then the cast certainly is, Hank Aria plays the quirky pornography director who captures the infamous movie Deep Throat, this is quiet a deviation from his usual gig of voicing the Simpsons. What would the 1970′s porn industry be without Hugh Hefner? James Franco swaggers in as the robed playboy king. A performance that captures the magic of this movie has to be Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace, is this really the same young girl who was singing and dancing in Mamma Mia, or playing an innocent young girl in Big Love? She has certainly come a long way, Kate Hudson and Olivia Wilde were initially considered for the role, but dropped out due to scheduling conflict. Seyfried commits, bearing her nude body onscreen, she doesn’t quiet go the full length of Linda Machiano and perform real fellatio, instead opting to suck on a lollipop in the scenes, but she really does hold the movie together offering some really absorbing moments.





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