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This comedy drama stars Michael Caine as a crusty Paris widower and Clemence Poesy as the sprightly dance instructor who brightens up his days.

A former philosophy professor who moved to the City of Lights with his late wife (Jane Alexander) to live out their golden years together, three years on from her death, Matthew Morgan (Caine) still catches glimpses of her in all the old familiar places, though he himself is the one who’s taken to walking around like a ghost of his former self.

However, a chance encounter arrives in the form of Pauline (Poesy), whom Matthew bumps into on a bus. Her hair reminds him of his late wife’s, he says; his beard reminds her of her late father’s. Soon enough, he’s dancing the cha-cha-cha in her class and literally letting some light into his musty apartment.

Soon Morgan finds himself falling for this beautiful younger woman, but can these two odd characters really have anything in common?

Mr Morgans Last Love
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