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RELEASE DATE: August 2014
GENRE: Comedy, Biography
RUNNING TIME: 103 mins
STARRING: James Corden
DIRECTOR: David Frankel
WRITERS: Justin Zackham
PRODUCERS: Simon Cowell


Millions of people think they can sing, Millions dream of winning a prestigious singing competition that will transform their lives, one man did just that and what was birthed from it is an inspiring story of passion, perseverance, love and triumph.


Who doesn’t love an inspirational tearjerker every now and then? This movie is certainly that…and more. When the country started buzzing about the imminent visitation of Paul Potts to South Africa and the release of a movie based on his life “One Chance”, my first reaction was “Paul Who? I was later informed that he was the winner of the popular singing competition ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ that had made him an overnight success, transforming him from a used cellphone salesman to a global singing icon.

When you view the trailer like I had to during my cluelessness you can tell that this is a funny, light-hearted touching film, and it is. When you look closer you discover the directorial talents of David Frankel who has been responsible for other box office hits such as ‘The Devil Wears Prada, Marley & Me, Entourage (Pilot)”, he understands characters, humor, pacing etc. It’s no secret though that a movie based on someone’s life will hinge on the casting choice and the performance by the actor. Britain born actor James Corden was tasked with bringing Paul Potts to life on screen, does he do the man justice?

Having had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Potts (watch interview here) I can attest that James Corden does a fantastic job capturing the passion, warmth and humility that makes Paul Potts. His onscreen chemistry with Alexandra Roach who plays Potts’ wife resonates strongly off the screen.

A great DVD to watch with the family, especially if there are ‘Britain’s’ Got Talent’ fans, lovers of Paul Potts’ music, or lovers of aspirational stories of people overcoming difficult circumstances to achieve greatness.


This is that one DVD you’ll pull out whenever you need a good ‘pick-me-up’.




Kgosana Monchusi @kgosanamonchusi

One Chance
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