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Peeples-posterRELEASE DATE: December 2013
GENRE: Comedy
STARRING: Craig Robinson, Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkers
DIRECTOR: Tina Gordon Chism
WRITER:  Tina Gordon Chism
PRODUCER: Tyler Perry, Stephanie Allain


Tyler Perry Presents Peeples focuses on that dreaded, anxiety-filled rite of passage that just about anyone in a long-term relationship has to face: winning over the in-laws. Lionsgate’s and 34th Street Film’s winning comedy tells the story of Wade Walker and Grace Peeples, a happily cohabitating couple who are deeply in love, except for one catch: after one year together, Grace still hasn’t introduced Wade to her discerning, upper-crust family. Taking matters into his own hands, Wade decides to crash Grace’s family reunion. But his master plan to charm the Peeples and propose to Grace goes hilariously off the rails when he finds himself surrounded by a clan of dysfunctional over-achievers who will do anything to keep up appearances.

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