‘True Detective’ Season 2 Story & Character Details Revealed?


Following the finale of Breaking Bad this spring, HBO’s crime drama, True Detective offered us a much-needed fix of intense, well-made, character driven, psychological television. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two Louisiana detectives searching for a serial killer thought to have been caught seventeen years earlier, the show won over critics and audiences with its dark occultist overtones, intricate narratives, deep characters and twisted plot – to the point where the season’s finale crashed HBO’s on-demand streaming site, HBO Go.

Rumors about True Detective season 2 have been around for months, basically starting up as soon as the first season ended. From McConaughey’s possibly returning to the show (and then not), to Jessica Chastain possibly playing the female lead (and then not), to the number of leads, to even the number of seasons, the pace at which these rumors are being delivered and then discounted only shows the fervor fans have for this show. But there are some pieces of gossip that seem slightly more stable than others.

Colin Farrell had been offered the role as the ‘older male lead’ and that Taylor Kitsch (Battleship) was being eyed for the role as the ‘younger male lead.’ Now, on the tail of that, there is word that the setting, characters and plot have been firmly established. True Detective Season 2 will allegedly be set in a fictional southern California city, and feature three main leads, two men and a woman.

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