‘Underworld’ Reboot Announced


2003 saw an unlikely milestone emerge in the form of the supernatural horror/action genre-blend franchise, Underworld. The vampires vs. werewolves flick featured an untested creative team (Len Wiseman and Kevin Grevioux) shepherding a collection of unlikely action stars, which included theatrically trained actors like Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex) and Bill Nighy (Harry Potter); a pretty-boy leading man in Scott Speedman (Felicity); and Kate Beckinsale, who – at that point – seemed as far from an action star as one could be.

Despite the unlikely players in the mix, Underworld‘s genre-blend premise sold with audiences, thus launching a 2006 sequel (Underworld: Evolution), a 2009 prequel (Rise of the Lycans) and a 3D soft reboot in 2012 (Underworld: Awakening); not to mention sister films like the 2014 release I, Frankenstein, which was also penned by Grevioux. Awakening’s earnings were admittedly modest (low domestically, high overseas) but good enough that the Underworld franchise could conceivably continue on to part 5; but like so many properties these days, a decade seems to be too much age for the franchise, because Underworld is getting a reboot.

THR has the exclusive report about Lakshore Entertainment’s plans to reboot the Underworld franchise. Writer Cory Goodman (PriestThe Last Witch Hunter) has been attached to write the script for the reboot – but other than that, details are sketchy about what exactly “reboot” means in this case.

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